El Jardin Panorámico was designed by the award-winning British architects Weston Williamson – known for their beautiful simplicity of style in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Inspired by Moorish courtyard houses but with a contemporary feel, the hotel is protected by huge Moorish carved wooden doors which fold back to let the light flood in and reveal stunning views of the Malaga mountains. Two wings run north-south either side of a large courtyard paved in Spanish granite. The benefits of the highest environmental design standards is evident throughout.

On the east side are five bedrooms, each with a marble-tiled bathroom. The interiors are modern with Spanish oak floors. The bedrooms open out onto private and discreet east-facing breakfast terraces. Each bedroom is provided with Spanish linen, towels and local toiletries made from essences based on the local olive oil and honey industries. There is satellite TV, HiFi and WiFi in all the rooms.

On the west side a large open-plan space has kitchen, dining and relaxation spaces. These open onto a west-facing terrace and heated swimming pool where you can enjoy the sunset. Visitors can stand in the swimming pool and watch the tennis matches on the court below. Adjacent to the tennis court is a spa and hammam. All rainwater is filtered and recycled throughout the hotel. Shower and WC water is filtered and re-used to water the gardens. Guests are asked to use the local organic soaps provided to assist in preserving the delicate ecological balance.

The building avoids carbon-heavy air conditioning and uses naturally ventilating breezes throughout. There is a wood burning stove for heating inside and a fire pit outside where guests can relax. It is entirely solar powered – 100m2 of solar panels mounted on the roof generate electricity and heat the swimming pool – ensuring crucially important low energy consumption.