The perfect Andalusia experience is focused on meticulous ecological standards.

El Jardin al Andalus is a boutique rural property which provides a bespoke Andalusian experience. Positioned on a spectacular hilltop with panoramic views of stunning countryside, dotted with olive and almond trees, it is built adjacent to protected land, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Montes de Malaga with its unique wildlife, flora and fauna. This situation makes el Jardin al Andalus an ideal site for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature: walking, bird-watching, nature photography, as well as an introduction to the local industries such as beekeeping, wine appreciation, olive-oil production, and other Andalusia delights such as regional cookery, flamenco dancing and musicianship.

There are also courses on Mediterranean gardening as well as tennis coaching and opportunities for cycling, horse-riding and swimming. They are taught on-site by local experts and allow for interactivity, guests joining in and harvesting olives, for example, cooking and painting the unique landscape. As the facilities are attractive to corporate guests, hospitality for executive entertainment, courses and events will also be offered. The property will open in spring 2020.

nature photography
local flora & fauna
wine appreciation
olive-oil production
regional cookery
flamenco dancing & musicianship
mediterranean gardening
tennis coaching